Sunday, 26 February 2012

Holding out Hope in Dark Times

Everyone goes through difficult dark times in their life at some point in time and when it happens it can be a real challenge to remain positive and hopeful. My photography instructor instructed our group to capture hope in a photograph for a friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer During this assignment I found myself reflecting upon personal experiences where I found and held onto hope. Here are a couple of the images I made. I challenge you to take some time to think about this word - Hope - and what it means to you. How have you survived difficult times in the past? Is there a special person, or people, in your life that you focus on? Does your faith bring you a hopeful feeling? Or is it something totally different that helps you to maintain hopefulness? You might do some brainstorming in a journal and then think about how you would capture hope in a photograph. I hope this exercise reminds you of all that you hope for, to draw upon for strength, through the more difficult life challenges.

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