Monday, 7 November 2011

Cameras and photos doing good around the world

By now you are probably starting to get a sense of how photography can be therapeutic. There are photographers, psychiatrists, therapists, researchers, teachers, journalists, and probably many other disciplines using cameras and photos either as a therapeutic tool or do help others. Photos can tell us a lot. Like the old saying goes,  "A picture is worth a thousand words" (author unknown). Anyway, I'm just heading out to work but I wanted to share a few websites that you can check out to see how some people are using photography to help others. Psychiatrist Joel Walker uses photography in Toronto, Canada to help patients look at themselves and realize their potential. His website is at Psychologist Judy Weiser founded the PhotoTherapy Centre in Vancouver, Canada.  In phototherapy sessions with a trained therapist the focus is on snapshots brought in by the client. Ms Weiser trains other therapists all over the world to use phototherapy techniques. Her website is at You've probably heard of the film "Born into Brothels". This film was a result of photographer Zana Briski giving cameras to children living in the red light district of Calcutta. These children's photographs are available to purchase and proceeds support their education and well-being. Check out the website for more information about Kids with Cameras, now called "Kids with Destiny".  Another photographer named Jeremy Cowart started "Help-Portrait" to use his skills to take portraits of people in need, who may never even have an opportunity to have their photo taken, and then give the portraits to them. This has spread to many places in the world with groups of photographers coming together with hair stylists and makeup artists to use their skills to give to others in December of each year. The website, if you want to check it out, is These are just a few of the many many people who are using photography either as a therapeutic tool or to help others in a variety of ways. I hope you check them out. You may be inspired. Have a wonderful day.

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